Designing Your Unique Turquoise Engagement Ring

Steps To Customizing Your Turquoise Engagement Ring

White sapphire and turquoise engagement ring by Hileman Silver Jewelry.

White sapphire and turquoise engagement ring by Hileman Silver Jewelry.

Hileman Silver Jewelry has many engagement ring designs that feature turquoise inlay accented by gemstones such as topaz and moissanite.  By choosing the turquoise, the center gemstone, and the metal used for the mounting, you can customize your turquoise engagement ring to your tastes.  Our engagement ring designs are all made to order in your specific ring size so you will need to allow 4 to 6 weeks for us to make your new  ring.

Pick Your Ring Style

We offer quite a few turquoise engagement ring styles to choose from.  When browsing our website keep in mind that any of the rings you may see inlaid with other stones such as dinosaur bone or lab opal, can be inlaid with the turquoise of your choice.  The same is true with the center gemstone.  Just look for a ring shape and style that you like and think of it as a blank canvas to add the colors of your choice.  Most of our engagement rings are labeled with a ring style number that will help you describe which ring you like and make sure we are on the same page.

Pick Your Turquoise

You may also customize your turquoise engagement ring by selecting the turquoise you would like for us to inlay in your new ring.  Our turquoise comes from various mines in the Southwest in colors ranging from greens to blues.  Some turquoise has dark veining or matrix running throughout the stone that creates a spiderweb pattern.  The turquoise pictured below is a beautiful blue color and has a faint birdseye pattern.  Because

Birdseye turquoise rough from Kingman Arizona

Birdseye turquoise rough from Kingman Arizona.

turquoise is a natural stone, the colors and the spiderweb pattern will vary from stone to stone and even from cut to cut within the stone.  This is important to understand when requesting a specific turquoise  color or spiderweb pattern.  We will always do our best meet your color and spiderweb pattern requests but nature may not always fully cooperate.  Find one of our turquoise ring designs that has the turquoise you would like and we will let you know if it is available and will get to work on a price quote for your ring.

Pick Your Center Gemstone

Most of our engagement ring designs have center gemstones in a variety of shapes and sizes.  In many cases the ring design is set up for a specific size and shape that cannot be changed without major wax customization or in some cases a whole new master carving.  However, you can almost always change to a different color of gemstone or colorless option such as a diamond, moissanite or white sapphire in the same size and shape.  The most popular choice that looks great with turquoise is blue topaz.  The topaz we use is available in several shades of blue with the lightest being sky blue, medium being Swiss blue, and the darkest being London blue.  Many of our customers choose to be more traditional for their engagement ring and go with a white or colorless stone.  We have options for white gemstones such as white topaz, white sapphire, moissanite and diamonds.  We highly recommend moissanite because of its incredible scintillation, affordability and durability.  Moissanite is almost as hard as a diamond and actually has a higher refractive index, which means more sparkle.  It is a lab created stone so any concerns about mining or being conflict free are resolved.  At a fraction of the cost of diamond, it is a great alternative that is budget friendly without compromising on beauty or durability.

Pick Your Metal

We offer metal options for just about any engagement ring budget.  The most affordable metal option would be sterling silver.  Sterling silver is the softest of the precious metals and can also tarnish.  Sterling silver will hold up to daily wear if you are careful and remove your ring before any rough activities.  We offer a new sterling silver called Continuum silver.  It’s a relatively new silver alloy that is more durable than standard sterling silver and is also tarnish resistant.  Continuum silver is approximately 30% harder than sterling silver and will provide a more secure setting for your center gemstone.  We highly recommend upgrading to Continuum silver for all daily wear rings such as wedding and engagement rings.  Other metal options include white or yellow gold, platinum and stainless steel.  Stainless steel is also an affordable option and is very durable.  Because 316L stainless steel is so hard, it is not available as an option for all of our ring designs.  Some gemstones are not hard enough to be set in stainless steel without breaking them.  Contact us with your ring style and stone choice and we will let you know if stainless steel is a possibility.  White gold is our most popular choice.  It’s durable and provides a secure setting for your gemstones.  White gold and yellow gold are considerably more expensive than sterling silver so we will need your ring size to estimate the gold weight and give you an accurate price quote.  Platinum is the heaviest of the precious metals and combined with the fact that most platinum alloys are 95% pure platinum, makes it by far the most expensive metal option for your turquoise engagement ring.  Platinum provides a very secure setting and will hold up to daily wear and tear very well.

Let’s Get Started

Contact us with your choice of ring style, the metal you would like (and your ring size), the gemstone you prefer and your favorite turquoise type and we will get to work on a price quote for your new turquoise engagement ring.  In some cases we may be able to send you a photoshop mock up of what your new ring will look like with your stone choices.  Once we have all the design details worked out, we collect payment and begin work on your ring.  The production process will take 4 to 6 weeks with 3 -5 days for shipment so please plan ahead.  Contact Mark or John to get started on your new turquoise engagement ring today!  (623) 518-6588



Wedding Season is Here!

Dinosaur bone wedding ring set with black diamonds.

Dinosaur bone wedding ring set with black diamond accents.

Wedding season is here and this is typically our busiest time of the year for making wedding rings for our customers.  If you are searching for a unique symbol of your love and commitment, our handmade inlay wedding rings are a great choice.  All of our rings are created by hand in our Arizona jewelry studio using only the finest materials and craftsmanship.  We offer a wide range of inlay stone choices including turquoise, dinosaur bone, black onyx and lab created opal and many other colorful stones with or without colorful gemstones to accent the inlay.  Take a minute to browse through our website and check out our wedding ring designs and keep in mind that any of the ring designs you see on our site can be made in sterling silver, yellow or white gold, stainless steel or platinum.  Many of our customers choose our dinosaur bone bands as their wedding rings with our turquoise wedding rings being a close second.  We have a variety of dinosaur bone colors to choose from ranging from grays to reds.  What could be more unique than a dinosaur bone wedding ring!  Our wedding ring designs are made to order in your specific ring size, inlay stone choice and metal selection so we will need 4 to 6 weeks of lead time to get your rings completed in time.  All of our rings are available in his and hers, hers and hers, and his and his wedding sets.  If by chance you don’t see exactly the ring you are looking for, contact us about making the custom wedding ring of your dreams.

Lab Created Opal Ring Information

Our laCS030 lab sapphire and moissanite lab opal 1- croppedb created opal rings are becoming a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings despite many of our customers being hesitant to choose lab created opal over natural opal.   Most people have only seen the cheap mass produced lab opal jewelry at craft fairs and on the internet and don’t like the uniform look of the opal.  Our lab opal jewelry and rings are different.  Read why here!  Head over to our lab opal jewelry website and check out our jewelry.

Getting an Accurate Ring Size for Your Inlay Ring

Gray dinosaur bone ring with white sapphires in sterling silver

Ring inlaid with gray dinosaur bone by Hileman Silver Jewelry.

You’ve found that perfect ring online and now you are ready to select your ring size.  You pause as you think back to a couple of years ago when you bought your last ring.  Was I a size 7 or 7 1/2?  I have gained a couple of pounds over the holidays…let’s just go with a size 8.  Guessing and guessing wrong is not a disaster with traditional gold and gemstone rings.  In most cases, if your ring arrives and it is too big or too small, you can take it to a local jeweler and pay to have it sized to your correct ring size.  This is not the case with inlay rings.

Rings inlaid with just about any inlay material are difficult to size without damaging the inlay.  The first issue is the epoxy that secures the pieces of inlay in the ring’s inlay channel.  The epoxy is quite hard with very little flexibility and bending the ring to make it larger or smaller puts stress on the epoxy.  This stress can cause the bond between the inlay material and the ring mounting to be compromised which could lead to one or all of the inlay pieces falling out.  This same stress can also cause the inlay pieces to crack if they break before the epoxy does.  For a jeweler to avoid stressing the inlay and epoxy, all of the bending of the metal to make the ring smaller or larger needs to be done in the bottom half of the ring where there is not any inlay.

laser welder

You really need a laser welder to size inlay rings.

Even if the jeweler is successful in bending the ring to the correct size, there is still one more critical step- joining the metal back together.  Traditional rings would just be soldered back together using a torch but inlay rings cannot tolerate that kind of heat.  The heat from the torch will ruin the epoxy and most likely scorch the inlay materials.  The only good option to rejoin the metal is a laser welder.  A laser welder produces highly localized heat so the jeweler can work safely on the bottom part of the ring and not damage the inlay.  More and more jewelers are using laser welders and some will be willing to try to size your inlay ring if you are willing to risk the possible damage.  All of this sizing drama and expense can be avoided by getting your finger sized accurately before ordering your new inlay ring.

The easiest and most accurate way to measure your finger size is to visit a local jewelry store and ask them to determine your ring size.  You may want to visit more than one jeweler just to confirm your size.  It is important to use a sizer that is approximately the same width as the ring you intend to purchase.  It is also important to use a sizer that is comfort fit if you are shopping for a comfort fit band.  You may wear a smaller size in a comfort fit band than a non-comfort fit band.  The only other acceptable and accurate method is to take a ring that currently fits (the finger your new ring will be worn on) to a jeweler and have them determine the size of the ring or you could ship the ring to be used for size reference to the jeweler that will be making your new inlay ring.  The jeweler can then measure the size of the ring with the same measuring tool that will be used to make your inlay ring.

Other methods for determining your ring size are not accurate enough for inlay rings.  Some of the big chain jewelers recommend the string test, the paper test or the secret test.  The string test involves wrapping a string around your finger and then measuring the length of the string and matching the measurement to a chart to determine your ring size.  This method is very inaccurate and doesn’t take into consideration the width of the ring or


Paper finger sizers are NOT accurate!

the size of your knuckle.  The paper test asks you to print and cut out a paper finger sizer.  You then cut a slit on one end of the paper strip and insert the other end through the slit and pull it snug around your finger.  All you have to do next is read the tiny numbers and marks on the paper to determine your ring size.  What could possibly go wrong!  The secret test is recommended if you are trying to surprise your loved one with a ring and don’t know their size.  The first challenge is going to be finding a ring that you know currently fits and fits the finger you want them to wear it on.  The next step is printing a sizing chart with circles representing different ring sizes.  Just lay the ring over the circles until you find the one that is closest to the same size.  Keep in mind that just a small error of 0.4mm could mean you are 1/2 of a size off which could mean the ring falls off or won’t even go over the knuckle.  We have experimented with these methods and found them to be highly inaccurate with errors of half a size up to a whole size.  Again, these inaccuracies are not a big deal for a traditional ring but are not acceptable for an inlay ring.

What if I do every thing right and my new inlay ring still doesn’t fit?  It’s not the end of the world.  If at all possible it is best to avoid cutting and sizing the ring to mitigate the risk of damaging any of the inlay.  If the ring is too big or spins after going over the knuckle, small sizing balls or a sizing pillow can be laser welded inside the shank (bottom) of the ring to snug it up.  This method also allows for the balls or pillow to be removed should the wearer gain weight.  If the ring is a just a little snug, it may be possible to grind some of the metal from the inside of the ring to loosen it up a little.  Getting sized by a jeweler increases the odds that any sizing error will be small and less risky to correct.  In some cases where the customer uses inaccurate methods to determine their ring size the sizing error is so far off that the ring cannot be resized and a new ring would have to be made.

About Us…

We are inlay jewelry experts. We have been creating inlay jewelry since 1974 and would love to help you with all your inlay jewelry needs.  Contact us to get started building your new inlay ring, wedding ring or engagement ring.  We specialize in dinosaur bone, turquoise, lab created opal and Australian opal inlaid in sterling silver, gold, platinum and stainless steel.

Visit or to see our creations.

Our Favorite Turquoise Wedding Ring Set

Turquoise and spiderweb turquoise rings are one of our most popular choices for wedding rings and wedding ring sets.  Our turquoise wedding ring sets are available in a variety of colors with and without the spiderweb pattern.  Our most popular spiderweb turquoise wedding ring sets are inlaid with spiderweb turquoise from Kingman, Arizona.  This turquoise has a very tight spiderweb pattern and the color of the blue ranges from light blue to a darker blue and lighter blue mix.  The colors and pattern of the turquoise varies from stone to stone and sometimes changes with every saw blade slice through the stone so you can expect some variation in this natural material.  These variations make your turquoise wedding ring set unique and virtually one of a kind.  Here is an example of our favorite turquoise ring set inlaid with plain blue turquoise and Kingman spiderweb turquoise in Continuum sterling silver.  The man’s wedding ring is 6mm wide and the woman’s ring is 4.5mm wide.  Both rings taper slightly toward the bottom of the ring and are stamped .925 sterling silver and hand signed “MMH” on the inside.

Turquoise wedding ring set in sterling silver by Hileman Silver Jewelry.

Spiderweb turquoise and turquoise wedding ring set in sterling silver by Hileman Silver Jewelry.

We also have several turquoise engagement ring options that would look great with our turquoise wedding rings if you are looking to create a bridal set.  Center stone options include white sapphire, white topaz, Moissanite, blue topaz and diamond.  We also offer metal upgrades to 14 karat gold in both white and yellow as well as platinum. If you don’t see exactly the stone combination you are looking for, contact us for a quote on customization.  Check out all of our turquoise engagement rings and wedding sets at and

Turquoise wedding ring and engagement ring set in sterling silver.

Turquoise wedding ring set shown with white sapphire and turquoise engagement ring in Continuum sterling silver.



John Hileman


New Lab Created Opal Wedding Ring Set

This new lab created opal wedding ring set is stunning.  We inlaid the wedding set with some of the new lab opal we just received.  This new lab opal has bright green flashes of color on a dark blue base color.  The colors and flash of the lab opal mimic those of the best Lightning Ridge Australian opal at a much more affordable price.  Both rings in the set are a comfortable thickness and width.  The man’s band is 6.5mm wide at the top and the woman’s band is slightly narrower at 5.5mm wide.  Both the man’s wedding ring and the woman’s are available for purchase separately if you don’t need a set.  You can also purchase the set in hers and hers or his and his combinations.  The green lab opal in these rings is very flashy and bold.  We also have several other lab opal color options that are variations of blue-green and some options that are multicolor.

M200 W100 lab created opal ring set 2 cropped

Green lab created opal wedding ring set in sterling silver by Hileman Silver Jewelry.

The high quality lab created opal we use in our rings has the same chemical composition as natural opal with the exception of water content. Natural Australian opal contains about 4% water and lab created opal contains no water. Instead, the water is replaced with resin

in lab created opal. The resin gives the synthetic opal more durability and helps to resist cracking. Laboratory grown opal gives you all the fire and colors of top grade natural opal at a much more affordable price with increased durability.

M200 W100 lab created opal ring set 1 cropped

His and hers lab created opal wedding ring set.

This set is available for purchase in our Hileman Etsy shop or our new Lab Opal Jewelry website.  Please allow us 4 to 6 weeks to make your rings in your exact sizes.  See more lab opal colors on our Hileman Flickr page or on our lab opal Pinterest board.  If you are interested in natural Australian opal take a look at our Australian opal jewelry website featuring only the finest Australian opal inlaid in our bold 14 karat gold designs.