Just launched our inlay jewelry repair website!

Damaged inlay ring

Inlay ring in need of repair!


We just launched our inlay jewelry repair website!  After years of doing inlay repairs on our jewelry and many other jewelers’ inlay work, we thought it was time to start promoting our services. Here is a little information from the new inlay jewelry repair site. 

Mark Hileman of The Hileman Collection and Hileman Silver Jewelry has been creating and repairing inlay jewelry since 1974. We specialize in the repair of Australian opal inlay jewelry, but can repair your turquoise, lapis, coral, sugilite, onyx, chrysoprase and dinosaur bone inlay jewelry as well. We are experts in the lapidary field and can repair and restore most jewelry to like new condition. We do inlay repair work on all the major inlay jewelry manufacturers such as Kabana, Nagalle, John Bagley, Mark Hileman and many others. We also offer laser welding services such as inlay ring sizing, earring post replacement and other repair work that can’t be done through conventional soldering methods. We offer all of our services to the jewelry trade and directly to the consumer as well. 

Check out our new inlay jewelry repair site at http://www.inlayjewelryrepair.com or read more about Mark Hileman and Hileman Jewelry at www.HilemanSilverJewelry.com and www.TheHilemanCollection.com



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